In the flow

In the Flow systems are designed to optimise your current experience and create psychological and physiological capacity. Increasing wellbeing and your ability to flourish, adapt and stay on track.

Being in the flow leads to increased engagement, performance, enjoyment fulfilment and learning (references)

In the flow offers process by which individuals or  groups can explore how to increase Flow in areas which it has/does not organically occur.

Qualifications- Lucas Finch

Master of Applied Science- Coaching Psychology (Sydney Uni)

Certificate Coaching- Results Coaching Systems

Bachelor of Health Science- Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)

Certificate IV- Master Trainer (Fitness Institute of Australia)

Certificate IV- Remedial Massage (UTS)

Certificate Myofascial release technique

My Story

Lucas has spent his career researching mind body techniques and therapies that enhance wellbeing and performance in personal and work domains.

From designing and implemeing Randomised Controlled Trials for Sydney University in changing health behaviour after recieving a Masters in Coaching psychology through to spending over 6 months in silent meditation retreat in Asia. Working is Traditional Chinese Medicine in one of Chinas largest hospitals in Beijing to researching traditional medicines around the world incuding significant research in Australias Northern Territory.

Lucas competes in the martial art Brazilian Jujitsu and is currently National Champion in his catagory, is learning the ropes of fatherhood and is a passionate cook.