Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation

Prehabilitation is generally understood as a regiment of remedial exercises and mobility exercises designed for an individual in order to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. 

Each of us is a walking biography of what we do for a living as well as the activities and injuries that are unique to us. This shows up as some areas of our body tending towards tightness and rigidity while others towards weakness and flaccidity. The net sum of all of this leaves us with an individual movement blueprint, unique to each person. 

Prehabilitation is where a practitioner takes this individual blueprint and designs a program that is designed to move the body towards optimal functioning and performance and away from the injuries and wear and tear that occur when our bodies become too weighted in one direction, very similar to how a wheel alignment can improve performance and help prolong the life of our tires.

While this approach has its origins in being used by high performance athletes and competitors who both could not afford to sustain an injury and were looking for a performance edge, however these days the practice is becoming more mainstream as people are becoming more interested in gaining the same benefits.

However prehabilitation does require a paradigm shift for some people to move beyond being reactive to their bodies and start noticing the subtle changes and correcting them before something more serious occurs. It is a process where you learn more about your body, avoid painful and costly injuries and get to enjoy improved movement and performance, simply by undertaking a small amount of targeted strengthening and mobility exercises each week.